Anticipating Our First Baby

41 weeks:

40 weeks:

39 weeks:

36 weeks prego:

We got our new camera! Which means I can post pictures! Even those that include my bare belly...eek! You can see how my tattoo is holding up. At this point I can't see it unless I look in a mirror or a photo! Nuggette is getting quite large and using all available space, which is causing lots of pressure inside. Along with her many movements are the strange shapes that my belly takes on as a result. I might try and catch this on camera, but honestly it's kind of gross and weird, so maybe not.
Anyway here I am 33 weeks prego:

30 weeks prego. We have lost our camera, so I'm relying on the computer for photos :(

Just over 25 weeks (P.S. Take a closer look where I took this photo. It's where I'm working!):

24 1/2 weeks (Oh my it's a bathing suit picture, ugh):

23 1/2 weeks:

Belly from my perspective 

21 weeks prego below (over half way!). The belly is really starting to grow and I can feel the babe a lot now! It's weird and somewhat creepy, but really neat at the same time.

And, yes, the last ultrasound we found out what the sex of our nugget is! Drumroll please.......we are having a baby.....GIRL! It's a NUGGETTE!

Due October 8th, 2011

19 1/2 weeks. Baby Marsh is approximately 20 centimeters long and very healthy. Warning, these pics are a big creepy in that the babe resembles the Terminator when his face gets scorched. Probably not what the kiddo will want to be compared to, but check it out. If you look closely at the bottom right picture directly below you can see the retina in the left eye. Whoa!

Top pic is the nugget yawning. It's hard work growing!

Here the nugget is being super flexible with the knee to chin. No doubt nugget does NOT have daddy's flexibility! The bottom photo shows each foot...5 toes on each, yay!

Here is our little nugget's first mug shots at 11 weeks and 5 days:

16 1/2 weeks/4 months prego:

14 weeks and a few days:

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