The Pups

(AKA Pixel Pants - or Pantelones)
He's a vivacious 3 y/o Miniature Schnauzer. He's very entertaining and you can't help but love him! Look at those eyes...melts my heart <3

(AKA Dolly Llama - or just Llama, often pronounced Yama or Yamanator)

She's a West Highland White Terrier and is 6 1/2 y/o. She's plays and cuddles on her own terms and can usually be found in a good mood. Watch out, she'll lick you to death, especially if you're sweaty...eww.

Together they are quite a pair. Dolly puts up with Pixel and all his ridiculous antics, while it's Pixel's mission to get as much attention as possible. Precious aren't they?!