Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Love...

... in the air on the walls? Yep. Michael thought he'd be clever and romantic as he helped me paint the entryway:

It's a bit tough to see as the color going on the walls is in the same tone as what was there already. The only unfortunate thing about my love note, as much as I appreciated it, is that now that I've finished painting the entry, hall, living, and dining room, the love mark can still be seen when you look from a side angle. 

Perhaps a second coat will be required to blend it in. And he was just trying to be cute and romantic.

After pictures of the walls will be coming soon! To give you and idea of how it turned out, the walls were an institutional feeling grey (cold and uninviting) and now they are Benjamin Moore's color White Sand, though color matched at Home Depot in Behr's Ultra paint. It's my favorite!

Now the living room is warm, bright, and welcoming :)


Megan said...

hahaha... I did the same thing in my living room. I was feeling silly and creative and started writing EVERYWHERE. I didn't realize that I would see those words forever! They're still a little noticeable, but not enough for me to get out a paint brush and do something about it.

Can't wait to see the finished pictures!

Staci said...

Hey that's the color we have in our entryway/hallway. Funny! Good taste ;)