Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Shopping Trooper

What a guy. In order to get me acquainted with Barrie (where all my major shopping will take place) Michael and I went shopping....for nearly 5 1/2 hours....for nothing in particular. We need a lot of housy things, so of course I had an ulterior motive with the shops we hit up. As with most men, it's not Michael's favorite activity, but he made the best of it.

Clever use of a furry pillow. Cute babe.

As my mom and sister would say, "Get tired in the store, flop on the floor". Well it wasn't quite flopping, but he had to sit and take a break. He found a book about bridges that kept him occupied for another 1/2 hour. What a trooper he is.

He was quite enthralled learning about bridges while I browsed my new fave store. 

Two of my favorite and recently discovered stores include Home Sense (the home section of TJ Max except it's the whole store!) and Bouclair (great colors and textures and amazing prices.


Rachel said...

To elaborate on my wonderful sisters style of shopping; let me put it this way, it takes her 20 minutes to order a meal at McDonalds. I can only imagine poor Mike with 5 1/2 hrs of homegoods shopping. :)

Richard and Cindy said...

hahahaha! I am so the same way! Richard gets so frustrated with me because it takes me forever to make a decision!

Stephanie Marsh said...

Thanks sis! But the upside of my indecisiveness is that I make well analyzed decisions and rarely have buyers remorse!