Friday, February 18, 2011

Sky High

So the bedroom has had a couple of face lifts (more like bed lifts - you'll see). I painted the accent wall, but I ended up changing my mind last minute (big surprise!) to a more grey-green color. I'm actually not too thrilled with it and might go back to the more blue-grey color. Michael wants me to live with a little bit and get the other color on the wall before I make an ultimate decision. Fine.

On a different bedroom note, we got our storage bed from IKEA. However, there was a little problem. When we bought it, it said there were 2 packages total to complete the bed. WRONG! Apparently there were three because we don't have the steel beam that runs parallel down the middle to support the box spring. We realized we would have also needed the wooden slats since our box spring needs support the opposite direction. Anywho....Michael took matters into his own hands and decided instead of driving back to IKEA (an hour+ drive) that he would fix himself.

He bought 2 x 4s and created a support system himself:

 The only problem is it lifts the bed at least 3 inches higher than we had anticipated the bed sitting. I practically need a step ladder to get into bed! Luckily my Michael's brother-in-law is coming up this way next week from near where IKEA is and will be bringing up the proper parts so we can lower the bed.

A bit ridiculous don't you think?!


Jordan Molnar said...

We did the same thing when we bought our bed from IKEA. We did remember the medal beam, but Jonathin thought the slats were a waste of money. So now my bed is rigged with 1/4's under it...not my


Stephanie Marsh said...

Luckily the solution arrived today, so soon the bed will be a bit more normal. I'm glad to know we weren't the only ones to try and come up with a homemade solution!

Anonymous said...

How high is the bed now?