Friday, May 6, 2011

A Little Trip

On Michael's last stretch of days off we took a trip to Indiana to see my family. It's an 8 hour one way trek. We had a great time with my parents going to Chicago on Saturday, which was beyond exhausting. We went to the Field Museum, then shopped the town, and finally, eating at Maggiano's Little Italy where we gorged ourselves beyond belief on the most amazing Italian food.

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Pixel being a weirdo boy in the backseat

Dolly letting the wind blow threw her nappy, ungroomed hair

After our train ride into Chicago we were hungry and 
went to a great delicatessen called Eleven City Diner

Next, Field Museum where Michael posed with Sue

Me posing with my favorite animal

Spring was definitely in full swing here with the beautiful tulips every where

This is in Crate & Barrel. We are thinking of copying the taller version for the corner of our bedroom.

Me being me

Holy dessert Batman! This was one of 3 desserts that we ordered....after a ginormous, gut stuffing meal.

We went to the cutest kid's store called Kooky downtown and Michael saw this. Needless to say he wants me to replicate it in Nugget's room.

My boys taking a much needed break after a long weekend.

We were blessed to also have a family dinner with extended family on Sunday, which was so great. Then on Monday more shopping ensued (things are so much cheaper in the States, so we stocked up). Tuesday we headed out and met up with our amazing friends Meg and Brad for lunch - Thank you for taking time to see us!! Then over the border to Michael's parent's house where we had dinner. Another 3 1/2 hours later we were home. I slept in 'til 1pm the next day! Whoa, exhausted!

Thanks mom and dad for a great weekend!

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court. said...

Stephanie! I love your blog! I've met Sue too, cute pics. I'll definitely be checking in with the house!