Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Holy Progress Batman!

None of the following would be possible without our amazing friend Pierre Oullette. Our little Frenchman friend is the most amazing, detailed-oriented, hard-working, giving person I may have ever encountered. He has been working at our house off and on since we started the renovations and we couldn't be more thankful. The following shows the progress that has taken place in the last few days:

Patching up the ceiling in on the main floor where the walls were:

 Michael wired the baby's room:

 Then drywalled the baby's room:

Inside the babe's room still a crazy disaster, but the room itself is taking shape:

Baby's room from the inside:

Pierre mudding and taping:

The shot below shows the light fixture in the entrance getting moved. Michael had to crawl in the attic several times to feed wires and make a new hole for the new light so it could be more centered over the entryway.

This was where the old light fixture was located:

We will eventually have 6 pot lights in our living room (right now there are zero). In order to do that new wires had to be fed from the breaker to the living room, then attached to another light across the whole living/dining space. Michael had to first feed the wires from the basement (they will be placing a light in our under stair storage area too! - yay), then we (yes, I did help with this - otherwise I was doing yardwork most of the time) fished the new wire up from where the single light switch was up the wall. A double light switch was installed once these were in place. Pierre then taped and mudded the new frankenstein holes in the wall:

Pierre's attention to detail noticed that our walls were a bit wavy, so he added nails and mudded around our entryway. You may notice in a few of these pics that the railing is a different color. I spent hours sanding and priming every spindle. Ugh. No fun. Very glad that project is over!

You can see below 3 distinct areas of mud where the wall was very uneven:

As I type this Pierre is putting on the 3rd (?) coat of mud to the ceilings. It makes the job a bit easier with stilts...especially when you're a little frenchman. Don't worry, he wouldn't mind me saying that! Ha! The ceilings looks so much better already being scraped and the mud smoothing it all out. 

I'm told we might be able to paint by the weekend! Woo hoo!


Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Wow, great progress - I have to find myself a frenchman ASAP! :) Great to meet you and am enjoying reading through your cute blog!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

that's what i need... a frenchman! and stilts!


Stephanie Marsh said...

I know, right!? Pierre is an amazingly talented, detailed worker bee. We couldn't have done it w/o him! I told Michael it would be great if the baby's room could have a smooth ceiling too. He didn't think that was a good idea having to ask Pierre to come back again after all he's done!