Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camera Action

You may have noticed my hiatus from blogging. It's not that I haven't had PLENTY to blog about, but it really because we lost our point and shoot camera (AKA our only camera) on a trip to see my parents over a month ago. I've done so many projects and the house is really looking more homey, but I don't have a good, solid way of showing you.

But I will, very soon! My parents are coming to visit us (first time ever since I've moved to the lovely great white north!) in a week and a half and I'm having my mom pick us up this lovely lady:

There is a deal at Best Buy right now, so we're having her pick this up for us using the money we got from selling Norah the Neon. We'll even have money left to maybe a buy a piece of furniture (at least that's my plan with the rest!). Anywho, I'll hopefully be back in blog land more frequently once I get this puppy in my hand. Here's what we'll be getting:

Nikon D3100 kit which includes:
  • 14.2 Megapixel digital SLR camera
  • Extra 15-200 mm Lens
  • Camera bag
  • 52 mm filter
One of the fabulous features about this model in particular is that it takes video! With a new addition to our family expected in less than 9 weeks (ish - holy smokes!) we'll definitely want the ability to take video of all the milestones our little one hits.

Stay tuned for fresh new photos in a couple of weeks!


MTS said...

Looking forward to more update with pictures soon!

MTS said...

*updates :-)