Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nuggette's Room Finally!

Baby Marsh's (aka Nuggette) room is finally in the (mostly) completed stage! Now that I have a camera - bear with me as I'm still learning how to use it so the photos aren't 100% - I can show all you fine, patient people just what kind of room our little girl will be living in.

Some of you may remember my original fabric inspiration for the room (not necessarily wiener dogs, just the fabulous Amy Butler fabric it was created with):

Well, here is the room that came from that inspiration (with some finishing touches still to come):

Here is the glider that I got from the Habitat Humanity ReStore for $30. 

The chair needed some TLC in the form of sanding, priming, painting and new cushion covers sewn up!

 Here is the changing table/dresser that I primed and painted, along with the glider and crib. Our super generous friends, Tim and Roxi, gave us this and the crib and mattress! They were both a light wood veneer. I used a primer that sticks to everything, Zinsser's 1-2-3 Bullseye Primer, and Beauti-tone's semi-gloss kitchen and bath paint right off the shelf for the paint color.

The lollipop side table I picked up at the Canadian Superstore for $30 and the lamp at HomeGoods for the same price, then added a ribbon of the same fabric to the shade (same as the crib skirt).

The art is still a work in progress, but you get the idea. I snatched the idea from here. I bought cheap plastic crochet hoops at Wal-Mart and put the extra fabric from all the projects in the room in them. Easy-peasy!

Since we decided against a closet (as to not limit the furniture configurations in the room down the road), I bought a wardrobe from Ikea, which happened to be 33% off in their "As-is" section and already put together - score! They were out of the door fronts that I really wanted, so I decided I didn't need them after all and made a curtin instead using a tension rod across the top and hot glued that corally/orange fabric (with ball fringe, of course!) to the inside of the top of the wardrobe. Now it coordinates nicely with the rest of the room.

You will also notice our 4' friend Sophie, named after the teething toy Sophie, which you'll also see in a moment. Though she doesn't exactly coordinate with the room, we liked her and thought Nuggette might as well someday. Plus she was 25% off!

You'll notice in the photo above, I also purchased a toy storage holder ($6 at Ikea), which is housing some of Michael's old toys that his parents kept:

And here is her collection of toys thus far, a culmination of new and old, including my Fisher Price Sesame Street record player that my mom kept all these years. I cleaned it up and it still works great! You see she also has a Sophie, so she's ready for teething once that comes on. Thanks Grandma Doreen :)

Here is a sad photo attempt at capturing the ceiling light I bought for her room. It's simple, but has a feminine touch. ($65 at Home Depot)

Her wardrobe is starting to fill up slowly. Check out this sleeper. "Pasture Bedtime" cute! Thanks Schubert family!

Closeup of the ball fringe in the wardrobe, which is also on the darkening shades. Love the ball fringe!

Here is an extra special present that Nuggette was given. A handmade quilt by my first husband's mom, Chris. She wanted to make a present for the baby and just so happened to have the same Amy Butler fabric that the whole room was based upon. It might not sound out of the ordinary, but that fabric is out of production, so it was super crazy and so perfect that she had it!

I love the swirly quilt pattern. It's just darling. 

She included a bible verse inscription on the back:

Here are a couple wider shot of the room. The funny rod things against the wall next to the changing table/dresser are cornices that I dressed up that will be put up on the windows eventually.

Even her bumbo (hand-me-down from Stacey, who owns My Pullover, the shop next door to Moyaboya where I work) matches the room! 

Eventually this corner will have two fabric book shelves (similar to this), a blackboard (actually in the color coffee) with colored trim, and a table with chairs. She wont need those things for a while though, so they aren't being done in a big hurry.

From Nugget's Room

And of course some close ups of sweet nothings around the room:

And there you have it. Nuggette's room (for now)! There will surely be a few tweaks/updates the closer her due date comes, but it's certainly usable even if she came today, which God-willing wont happen! Eeeks! We have 6 weeks left until the official day - Oct. 8. 


Anonymous said...

Love her room Stephie!! You are so talented (and resourceful)! You continue to look amazing! Glad to hear you had a great time with Dennie and Doreen. Love you and I can't wait to see the rest of your house and all your hard work. I've missed your updates since you have been out of a camera! Love you! Chrisi

MTS said...

Steph, it is just beautiful! My favorite part is the framed fabric and glider. So pretty! You did such a nice job with all the details :-)

The quilt Chris made is so lovely and very special. How wonderful of her!

Megan said...

The nursery looks perfect!! I'm in love with the dingle ball fringe!!! So fun!
And Sophie the giraffe is awesome. She was definitely a must for the room. :)
Great job on all the sewing- I need you to teach me!

Jord said...

I want you to know that I love Sophia! I have been looking at one at the one gift shop here at the hospital. Luke's room is mostly giraffe with some other jungle stuff. The room is too cute all around.

Stephanie Marsh said...

Thanks Jord! I secretly contemplate changing it for a giant stuffed pony though..hehe. You know she'll need one, even if it's not a real one right away.