Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Room Tweaks

Just thought I'd share a few updates I've added to Nuggette's room:

 The canvas nightlight and lion are from Senka, who owns the store I was working at. How cute and perfectly coordinated with her room!

Puff balls on the ceiling and mobile made from a crochet hook, paper discs, and fishing line.

She has some clothes now!

Yes, I am cloth diapering! At least I'm going to give it my best shot. I ordered most of what you see from Rainshine Designs. They are one size all in two diapers with a snap in soaker that folds to make it double absorbent. I got some with athletic wicking material and some with microfiber. We'll see how it all goes soon enough, though we'll be doing disposables initially as the one size diapers will still be a bit big for a newborn. The two diapers to the far left are newborn size that I picked up brand new at Little Labels (a second hand kids store here) just to try them out. They are Grasshopper brand.

Enough about diapers...geesh. After researching them for a zillion hours you'd think I'd be over talking about them! Anywho, little Nuggette is due to arrive one week from today! Basically she could come at any time, though I'm anticipating late and hoping for early :) Here are the latest photos:

We went hiking at Eugenia Falls. Not sure I'll be doing any more of that before she comes, yikes.

Sorry for the horrible photo...the new camera battery died, so we used the old point and shoot, which I finally found after thinking I lost it....darn pregnant brain! Anywho, I chopped my hair off yesterday in preparation for the big life change about to take place...whoa!

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Sierra said...

I didn't see any terrible photos, you look great!