Monday, March 26, 2012

New Look and a Free Chair

You can see I've changed things up around here. The old look was feeling predictable, so I've revamped my little corner of web with a little "fresh paint" (haha - lame).

Aside from that I've been rather busy in the house as well. Most recently I've been plugging away at art projects, which I'll share soon. But one of my favorite ventures lately was scoring a free chair. Sorry if my post title set you up for false hope that you'd have the chance to score a free chair yourself. Maybe if I ever make money at this I can do that for you, but until then I'll just tell you about my find.

Michael and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood. I spotted this neat chair on someone's front patio and they just so happened to just be getting home. Just as they were shutting the door behind them, I wrapped on their door and asked them where they got it.

Turns out they were going to put it out in a yard sale soon anyway. Score! We were on a street just behind ours and the lot behind ours backs up onto it, so Michael just tossed it over our fence...ha!

It's pretty retro, but in perfect condition. It's a Sunflower Chair made by L'Industrie Provinciale, produced in the 70's. It's a plastic injected molded seat with bent metal rod base. I guess they sell for $200-$240 now since they're considered vintage.

 Best part? It goes PERFECTLY with our family room downstairs!

We fit so well in it!


Anonymous said...

I love the chair! and that pic of you two is ADORABLE!!!


Anonymous said...

i love the "eat more meat" pillow. so mike lol -Rach

Stephanie Marsh said...

Ha, yeah, I made that pillow for him for his birthday. I thought it was fitting. I just wish the letters were larger.