Friday, June 1, 2012

Two Bathroom Tackle

I got an I need to do another project....I mean two at a time bug a while back. I don't know what it is....once I start I just can't be hard as Michael tries. He's learning slowly to just let me do my thing...whether I plan ahead or not. So, here's what I tackled a while back:

Upstairs Bathroom....

It was looking very blue/grey, which = drab:

Above shows the color I was contemplating for a while (Celery Ice), but then completely changed my mind and ended up with this:

I chose the color Escarpment (a Benjamin Moore color) and used Rona paint, which wasn't really my favorite, but we still had $ on a gift card, so it was a no brainer to go with their paint.

I know these are tiny, but these photos show the evolution of the upstairs bathroom from pre-purchase to today:

In conjunction with the upstairs bathroom, the downstairs bathroom also got a facelift because it needed it even more. This is what we started with:

 And here's where we are today:

Since we don't have the extra cash to put in a new vanity, toilet, and floor, which we seriously want to do, I just worked with what we had. Obviously the mirror still needs to be hung...and most likely painted as it blends right in with the new wall color. We actually ripped off the basic builder mirror so I could put this one up (which I had from my old house, so it's a free upgrade - yes!) to give this space a little more custom feel.

I also reworked a piece of art I already had, which I no longer liked and turned it into this....

 ...thanks to Carla DeWinter's super cute birdy painting I had her blow up for me!

Since this bathroom doesn't have any natural light I painted a dark-ish color, I needed to bring in a little sunshine, so I added a pop of yellow (leftover from our laundry room makeover seen here) behind the shelves. Oh yeah, and I ripped that weird door off that didn't even fit the space.

Before:                                                                                                  In Progress:

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Jord said...

The bathroom is super cute Steph! Okay, how did you get the new template to work? I screwed up our blog when I tried and can't get the background to leave...frustrated around here.