Friday, October 19, 2012

Paisley is One!

Boy has it been far too long since I've written a post. For some reason it is more effort to write one the longer I wait. I suppose there's no better reason to get back at it than Paisley turning one! We had a birthday party for her last Saturday and it was exhausting, making it that much more confirmed that we will NOT be doing a big party every year. It was really spurred by the fact that our families were traveling a long ways to come, so of course we had to put a good amount of effort into it. It turned out great and Paisley did really well considering we had 18 adults and 13 kids 3 and under (!) in our little house!

The calm before the storm...

There is a candy bar, but it didn't get much attention, so we got stuck with the leftovers....bummer :)

Sweet owl cupcakes. Thanks Pinterest!

Mama's homemade banner. Maybe it could be reused every year?

It was chaos, but in a good way!

Not so sure about all this

Cake is my favorite!

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Doreen Kauffman said...

Yes, save the banner... what fun to have it at her Sweet 16!! :-)