Thursday, February 10, 2011

Color Compromise

As I begin to search for bedroom colors, Michael has gotten a bit uneasy. He's noticing a trend in my color choices: neutral. He wants to see color. Being color blind he has a bit of trouble pulling out the colors in the neutral shades I've come to love so much. So in my attempt to give a little in our brand new marriage I appease him as we order up samples at Home Depot. 

Again, using the duvet cover fabric as inspiration for the room, we bought two samples:
Behr's Lime Light (my pick one left) and CIL's Gentry Blue (Michael's pick on right). I had already made an attempt at choosing a color for the bedroom, but both colors were far too bold (see below). 

Here are all 4 on the wall (right two are the winners):

Perhaps you're wondering, why two colors? What's the plan? Well, though I'm not huge on accent walls, the dark color will go on the far wall where the head of the bed is. Though it's not an exact match, the dark grey/blue (Gentry Blue) that Michael picked will look fab behind the headboard I made and with the chromey nightstand lamps. The rest of the room will be Lime Light.
Wow, coulda made the bed don't ya think? Quite disheveled! 

Anyone else doing an accent wall for some drama? Any women compromising a bit for the interest of not over-femanizing or making everything only what they want?


Christina said...

Marriage is all about balanced compromising! I like the darker blue (Michael's pick). Congrats on all the progress. Everything is looking great!

Rachel Ann said...

I love the idea of an accient wall, but i do love drama. I like Michael's pick!

Stephanie Marsh said...

He'll be psyched to know he's getting votes :)

Amy Fotherby said...

love both colors but the dark blue is rich & fun! :o)