Monday, February 7, 2011

Table Talk

The living room coffee table and side tables in our upstairs living room needed a face lift terribly. They are hand-me-downs and while we are thankful to have them, they are no where near our taste, so until we replace them, I gave them a fresh look. Here is what the finish looked like pre-face lift:

I used Valspar's handy dandy all purpose primer, which covers glossy surfaces, so no sanding! Yay

With primer:

Then I used a CIL paint (it was cheaper than my favorite, Behr paint) in the color Heron Grey. It was pretty thin, so I gave it two coats. It was supposed to be a satin finish, but I'm thinking the primer somehow made it appear matte. It doesn't matter much with these tables since we'll be replacing them, but it's good to know the sheen can come differently than what is expected.

So here are both tables in the respective places in the living room. Yes, I'm aware the blue chair looks very out of place (Don't get me started on the PINK carpet!). It will also be replaced eventually.

It's the simple things that help to make a room look more unified. How about you? Any easy face-lift projects that you've accomplished?

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