Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Time

We took the dogs for a walk since it was bright, sunny, and not super freezing cold, just regular cold. Having been in Texas for the past couple of years I'm surprised at how quickly they are taking to the snow.  We got bundled up and headed out for the trails. 

We have a ginormous provincial park just at the end of our street, which the dogs love since they can explore off-leash. Pixel gets crazy excited to go for a walk (once he's gotten past the fear of his coat - velcro is very scary) and terrorizes Dolly nearly the entire time. If it says anything YouTube's suggestion for tagging this video was "high rev engine". Haha!

Dolly is getting the hang of having fun in the snow too by what I call snowplowing:

That, however, results in the photo below. Poor girl. If Pixel attacks she doesn't have a chance. That's the sacrifice you make for fashion I guess! Ha!

Below is a glimpse of how much snow we have here. Keep in mind Michael is 6'4", so, yeah, there's a lot of snow.

Dolly and I in our fur lined hooded winter coats!

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