Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Privacy?

So our main bathroom window faces our neighbor's house. It had white blinds on it that didn't even fit the frame. In fact, all the windows in the house with blinds have the same issue and bothers me tremendously...definitely NOT a custom job!

So, I removed them. Yes the window is off center from the wall to the shower area. Awesome. Perhaps some curtain action will be required to make it look centered. 

Any who, in order to gain a bit of privacy without blocking the light from our cozy bathroom, I opted for frosted window film in a sand grain. I measured each window panel, then cut. (Yes, those are clippers in the background...I groomed Dolly last night. I like DIYing just about anything :)

I discovered a fabulous use of a Pampered Chef stoneware scraper! Who knew?! I slowly rolled the film down the window and scraped and pressed the scraper side to side. Be careful you align the film on the window nice and square or you'll be forced to performa a do-over. (Speaking from experience)

In the end it was worth it and let's the light in nicely, which I found out the next morning. I will, however need to fill in the holes on the outer top corners of the window frame  where the blinds were held up. A little wood putty and paint and we should be all set!

(The funny fading on the window is ice on the outside of the window) 

Done and done! Now to paint the room. What do you think of the sample on the wall? It's called celery ice. I'm kinda diggin' it. 


Rachel Ann said...

I like the celery ice, it seems like it could really cheer up the tiny room!

Megan said...

I LOVE the shower curtain!! Stacey and I think the celery color looks a little bit white, but maybe that's just this computer. We both dig your blog!