Thursday, February 3, 2011

Extra, extra!

I love when I can stretch my dollar (or should I say Loonie? - I am living in Canada now and their $1 is a coin with a Loon it - clever) to the max. The fabric that I bought for the headboard I made just happened to be too much (see right). It was so much more, in fact, that it is enough for two accent pillows. I have accent pillows that I was going to give away as they no longer fit into my color scheme, so I took the pillow inserts out and measured.

I like making pillows with zippers so they can be easily removed and washed. I already had one white zipper (not the perfect color since the fabric is cream, but it'll do), so I bought another when I was out and about the other day.

So far I've only made the one, but they will be just perfect for the living room upstairs...the one with my favorite pillows in life:

So here is one completed cream pillow. My zipper is probably one of the worst I've sown, mainly because I used the same thread as I did on the bedroom curtains, but I only have two colors. Down the road perhaps I'll have a plethora of threads to choose from, but until then I have to make due:

Here it is on the couch it will be friends with:

Yeah, it's not the most exciting pillow, but paired with a great lumbar pillow in the middle of the couch, POW, it will be like fireworks I'm sure :) I may have to purchase the wower pillow....not sure I have the sewing skills to accomplish that just yet. 

Being resourceful is my favorite! 
Have you discovered more of something than you thought you had and put it to good use?

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