Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Curtain Cure

So the sliding closet doors were quickly removed from our bedroom closets. Ugh, they drove me crazy and I was only here for 2 days at that point! I decided a softer look was necessary for the room, which meant curtains. I wanted them to coordinate with the duvet cover fabric I purchased a while back. On our long shopping day recently, Michael and I searched for fabric for said project at Fabricland (laugh, I did, really, Fabricland?!...silly Canada). Then I stumbled upon clearance curtains!

SCORE!! One solid rod panel curtain that just so happens to match the duvet fabric PERFECTLY! Best part?! They were $9.99. Woot woot!

So with the measurements I took we concluded we needed 3 panels (wrong!). I didn't take into account I wanted them to have plenty of wave when they hung, so I ended up going back to the store a few days later hoping they had a 4th, which they did. Shew. We also bought grommets so they would slide easily over the aluminum poles I bought from Home Depot.

So I laid them flat and measured evenly across the top for 6 grommets. There had to be an even number so when they were on the rod the ends would face the same direction when hung. Once measured I used the handy dandy template, which is a part of the packaging and marked each one, then cut them out. Pixel wanted to help as you can see. He moves quickly...hard to capture most of the time.

Once they are cut out it's simply a matter of snapping the grommets in place:

Easy peasy:

Next, I measured the length and marked it, then ironed the fabric down. Yes, I am ironing on the floor. We don't have an ironing board yet. Priorities, right?! 

From here I cut the majority of the remaining fabric and sewed the hem. I'm still learning, so it's not the best seam, but it's the backside so, eh, oh well. Then, my wonderful hubs installed the rods, which can't be taken down unless we unscrew the fixtures. Super for security, but then I realized I didn't iron them. Whoops, guess I'll have to try and steam them. Anyway, here is the end result:

Much better than before, don't you think?! And I can look into my entire closet without struggling with dated doors. Yay!

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