Friday, February 18, 2011

Dirty Dog

Dolly Llama, wonderful, sweet dog that she is has a terrible habit that is quite annoying. When her food and water dishes are next to each other she will relentlessly try scooping the water into the food dish. Weird , I know. See video from a few years ago:

So in my attempt to capture the water that gets splashed all over the floor, I bought a mat, a backseat car mat actually, which happened to hold both the food and water dispense perfectly together. Even with the lip around the mat, Dolly has still managed to push obscene amounts of water out, forcing me to pump it out with a syringe because the mat is flopping and I can't pick it up without spilling every where. There was that much water. Ugh! Problem not solved :(

Are you serious?

So, alas, I must separate the food and water dishes so she doesn't have the desire to water down her food. Silly dog!

1 comment:

Andrea Tucker said...

Maybe you should water her food for her so she won't feel the need to water it herself? Hehehe.