Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's All Happening

So demolition and construction are all happening faster than I anticipated and I'm loving it! Michael worked super hard for the 5 days he had off and the upstairs now looks like this:

The place is quite chaotic I realize, but we're getting there, slowly, but surely. It's so weird to be able to see from the living room into the kitchen and visa versa. 

Next we have the downstairs. Yes, as demolition is being done upstairs, the downstairs is being constructed. Our wonderful friends Pierre and Trina came over and Michael and Pierre put up the foundation for what will be the walls of the baby's room!!!!!!!! Trina and I were chatting over hot chocolate and cookies (that she lovingly made and brought over for us) and an hour or so later, viola, a room was created. I squealed with delight of course once I came downstairs. 

Here is Michael, proud of the progress:

From inside the new room looking toward the back of the house. Trina and Chloe came to check it out too.

Without Pierre this wouldn't have gotten accomplished nearly as fast. Thank you for all your help!

Yay, so that's where we are at this point in the renos. They will commence again once Michael's off work, which will have to wait another 5 days. Until then I will be brainstorming baby room ideas :)

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