Friday, April 15, 2011

Nugget's Room

I've decided on the color scheme for our little nugget <--yes, the name of our little baby as it grows in me! My sister came up with that little gem and it's stuck with me. We will be finding out the sex once we can (a few more weeks to go until that can happen). I'm 15, almost 16 weeks already. Whoa!

Anywho, back to the room. I came across this onsie a while ago:

It was love at first sight, not because of the weiner dog cutout (though adorable), but the fabric! I had to have it! With the help of some fabulous friends it was found and ordered! Yay! So this is the inspiration for the babe's room.....turquoise, orange, brown, green and pale yellow.  I don't care what the sex of this kid is, the room is going to be set regardless. I think it will work either way. I'm sure a few bits and bobs will be thrown in once we know as to help the kid have some gender identity :o) For now, this is my springboard for inspiration. 

This is what I've come up with thus far:

I made it extra huge so you could tell what's going on here. I'll break it down from left to right:

1. Round mirror - pick this up at Canadian Superstore for $24.95! (50% off!!) I had been eyeing it even when it was full price. I might paint it. Hmm, we'll see everything's in place. 

2. Orange basket - Homesense for $14.99. Thinking this could sit on the changing table to hold diapers and wipes, etc.

3. Olive branch tree wall art - had this already, it's from Pier One, thinking of spray painting it one of the colors in the room

4. Circle Artwork - had this already, picked up on sale at Four Hands in Austin, TX

5. Frame/art - had this already, picked up from Hobby Lobby

6. Vase - Isn't this cute as a bug? Picked from the Canadian Superstore for $6.99

7. Teal trash can - Canadian Superstore, on sale for $4.95! Whoo hoo

8. Orange blanket - already had this, picked up from Ikea

9. Laundry basket - Clearance for $12.99 from Winners (equivalent to TJMaxx in the states)

10. Wall decal - I originally bought this for our bedroom ($19.99 @ Walmart), the colors in it will work perfectly in this room, unless I decide to go with something like this, which is a bit bigger than the decal I already have:

Etsy is so fabulous for these types of things. I found this one here.

11. Turquoise lamp - $29.99 from Homesense - oh how I love that place!

12. White Lollipop table - $29.99 from Canadian Superstore. I figure this can go next to the chair that I have sit in the babe's room to hold whatever I might need at night while feeding or whatever. The paint swatch thingy on the table is just opened up with all the colors of the room.

13. Chair - Already had this and it has the perfect colors! Only problem is it isn't a rocker. I was hoping to have a glider for the room. I may just keep this because it works so perfectly. This piece is from Four Hands in Austin, TX. Target has a very similar chair though here. And it's on sale right now -oooo!

One wonderful thing about this babe's room is that we will be getting a free crib and dresser from our friends Tim and Roxie! What a blessing! I will most likely paint them both. It will probably be well into the summer before we get those pieces.

I also have some additional decor ideas. I recently went to a little baby store called Three Peas in a Pod in Collingwood, Ontario where I saw colorful plastic balloon decorations. I asked and they had gotten them from the Dollorama of all places. Of course they wont have them any more, but then I got to searching for other options. Do you remember making these when you were little?:

They would be uber inexpensive to make and look neat in various sizes and heights hanging from the ceiling in a corner or even a mobile made out of little ones. 

There are more ideas floating, but I'll fill you in over time as they evolve!


Andrea Tucker said...

Great minds think alike! Your color scheme is similar to mine! We are going with light blue, brown and orange with hints of red, yellow and green. It's very universal and can be used for any gender. I love all your stuff! :D

Megan said...

I love what you're doing in the baby's room!! The color scheme is really fun! You can make those floating balls with yarn and balloons. Take a look at this link for the tutorial if you need a refresher.


Rachel Ann said...

what a sophisticated baby nuggs will be!

Christina said...

Love the colors and all the great ideas! Still feeling great I hope! We can't wait to see you in two weeks. Will you know sex by then? How is it going coming up with real names? It's always fun (ha) coming up with a name you can both agree on!! Goodluck! Progress on the house is so much fun to watch. You are doing a terrific job posting all the awesome pics. Love all your ideas! See you soon!

Stephanie Marsh said...

Chrisi, we probably wont know the sex by the time we come. We have a midwife appointment the day right before we come, but wont get an ultrasound in. The names are already chosen....have been since before we got married! We are psyched!

Meg, thanks for the tutorial! I have to brush up on it and give it a try.

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

This is looking great - of course, I love the colors, since my nursery has similar colors! :-D