Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nuggette's Room Revisited

Though I just informed you the other day that I've chosen a paint color for the baby's room, seen here. I have since changed my mind. Don't judge. I'm entitled, I'm pregnant. Or maybe it's because I'm a woman and I can change my mind as often as I'd like, thank you :) Either way, I decided that I'm too anxious to wait for Michael to find time to paint the room and quite frankly I'm feeling worthless not being able to do home projects while he's working. Most people might think it's a great excuse, but I like to get things done, pronto!

OK, so with that said I decided to look into Valspar's no VOC paint at Lowe's. Once there I was told that Olympic actually has a lower VOC count, but I didn't like any of their colors (I brought in the main fabric inspiration for the room with me to get a good match). I, did, however, find a fabulous one with Para Paints. Luckily they were able to color match in Olympic paint. Yippy! It's call Tulips Abound:

Ok, so that took me maybe 20 minutes to get accomplished, which is nearly lightning speed in the world of Stephanie decision making. What took me the longest (about 2 hours!) was picking fabric for the room. With the main inspiration fabric in hand and the new color wall swatch I scoured the fabric store, Fabricland. Well worth it because I came out a happy girl. Ever single fabric I got was on clearance or on sale - woo hoo! Here is what I got:

This little turquoise pillow was on sale for $2.50! I was having the hardest time getting a solid aqua/blue/turqoise to coordinate with the Amy Butler fabric, then I saw this guy, sold!

Using the top photo from left to right, here are the plans for each fabric:

1. Stripes will be crib bedskirt
2. Green diamond will be a pouf ottoman (I posted about that recently, here)
3. Tangerine/Coral will be the back cushion on the glider chair I just purchase, seen here.
4. Amy Butler inspiration fabric will be the bottom cushion of glider.
5. Glittery butter yellow will be a lumbar pillow on the glider - every girl needs a little glitz!
6. Blue & green dots and squares will be used to cover the cornice's (that long flat boxy thing over windows - see here). I still have to figure out a shade for each of the 3 small window, which I'm hoping is easier to hunt down than these fabrics.
7. Turqoise/aqua will be used for another pillow? I just had to have it. It was only $2.50 and already a pillow cover!

See the glitter!:

I'm so excited about the variation in textures and color matching I was able to accomplish. And all for $43.10, including 4 spools of thread! Not too shabby! I can't wait to get started. I have lots of sewing to get to. 

It will have to wait at least until Friday as Michael and I are headed down to Indiana to see my family and drop off my car, so they can try and sell it. Importing it to Canada just wont be as cost effective as we hoped. Now we'll be down to Michael's truck, which means we'll be looking into trading it for a mini van soon!

Happy Fourth of July!

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