Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art Project #3

Sorry, I'm a tad late on getting my 3rd art project up and running. It's not actually anything new to you, so you're not missing out on anything monumental. In fact, I simply added to already existing wall art.

You might recall the shot from the baby's room of my resourceful fabric art:

It was looking a bit sad and not filling up near enough space. So, while out on a random shopping trip I came across some old crochet hoops of all sizes at the ReStore. For under $4 I snagged some hideous old  crochet hoops (they had embroidered teddy bears, tea pots, and other random things on them) - sorry didn't get a shot of them in that condition...was far to anxious to rip it all off! 

In the end I used more of the same fabrics as shown above and the fabric from a pillow sham I found when going through the million boxes of stuff we put in our garage sale a couple weeks ago (top right fabric). 

I'd say it's a bit more substantial, though I may still add something to it like the initial of our Nuggette once we actually decide what her name is! We are narrowed down to two names, each of us likes one more than the other and we're not in 100% agreement yet. Oy vey, we had better decide soon as we only have just over 4 weeks before she due to arrive!!

In other baby room news, look what my mom, soon to be Grandma (!) bought Nuggette....her first pony!

There wont be much room for anything else in the room between Sophie the giraffe and this guy, yet to be named. She'll actually be able to sit on this one. 

On a completely separate side note, our leather couches are arriving today! I posted about them here.

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