Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bedroom Art Project

Friday I took a random jaunt around Collingwood while Michael worked days and found some great finds that let to three inexpensive art projects for the house. Just to keep the suspense I'll share just one today and the other two later.

At the "Dollar Villa" (nothing is actually a $1, but closeout buys really) I got three hideous 12 x 12 canvases, $6.99 each, and Amy Butler (what doesn't she design?!) scrapbook paper, 2 for $1 or cutouts - middle one - $1:

I used already owned supplies, including white and tan acrylic craft paint (to make off white), Mod Podge, and spray adhesive.

After 3 coats of the white paint to the edges, I realized I would have to take it up a notch to combat  the uneven color (see that bottom canvas with the darker lines). Why I didn't get the same canvas for all 3 I have no idea since I planned on covering them the whole time. Duh!

So instead I busted out what was left of already owned white spray paint and tackled them with that and it worked like a charm. Once that dried I used spray adhesive to glue on the scrapbook paper, then Mod Podged all 3, which actually didn't turn out as great as I hoped...

Here they are hung. Even from here you can even somewhat see the problem I had...

Though it gives them a shiny, even appearance, they were so wet that they turned out quite wavy. I tried to smooth out the bubbles, but it was near impossible. Oh well. That's what I get for $23 art. I'll keep it for now I suppose seeing as our walls are so bare.

Here's a wider shot of them in the bedroom, which I haven't shown you in a LONG time.

Here is our room from the beginning of the year:

Yeah, we've changed a few things you could say! Most everything has gotten a facelift. Here's a quick list of what's been done:

  • Removed mirror from dresser (sold at garage sale)
  • Painted both dresser and armoire 
  • Bought new bed frame with storage (we had our mattress and box spring on the floor in the above photo)
  • Replaced carpet with hardwood floor and new baseboards
  • Painted walls
  • Made and installed headboard
  • Bought lamp shades, sheepskin rugs, wall decals, small potted grass, 2 mirrors (one pictured above) that were primed and painted white, & a ceramic ram's head (yet to be hung) 
  • Sewed duvet cover 
  • Sewed new dog bed to match decor
We still have a couple things to do in here like buy a rug, floating nightstands that don't interfere with our under bed storage, and something tall for that far corner of dead space you see, but it's come a long way, don't you think?!

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