Friday, March 30, 2012

Work With What You Have

Michael's parents came up this past weekend and I spend (no joke) the entire day prepping and cleaning the house. This, of course, meant (only in my world) lots of tweaks and last minute projects. When someone comes to visit that doesn't come often it means things have to look their best, even if I pass out from exhaustion making that happen.

Well the downstairs bathroom (AKA guest bathroom) is no exception. Since we don't have the budget currently to redo this space I decided to work with what I had, sea foam green and all. Using things I already had, I prettied up the space as best as I could. Here are the results:

I put "Holdit", a tacky putty, underneath each of the vases pictured above so they wouldn't fall off the non-level toilet tank. Oh the silly things to combat!

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