Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clothes Swap: Spring Theme

This past Friday I hosted a spring themed clothes swap and what a success! 17 women and 4 hours later we each had a pile of "new clothes"!

I have to say I was quite proud of my dessert - flowerpot cakes with wine charm flowers. They turned out just how I envisioned them! And the roses my sweet hubby picked up for me the day of the party because he thought they went perfectly with the spring theme....so sweet!

Accessories station

Do you see the shirts in the background? That was BEFORE several more people showed up!

Below are the bags that were leftover! I'll be taking these to a local women's shelter to donate.

And here's the loot that I ended up with:

 5 skirts, 2 pair of paints, 2 cardigans, 3 tank tops, several sweaters, and even more fitted teas, and 2 scarves!!! It was totally worth spending over a month planning, a week setting up and an entire day prepping food to get all of this without spending any money on "new" clothes! I highly recommend having one!


Melissa Michaelis said...

Hey Steph....how does the clothing swap work? I think it's a great idea, would love to do this in parry sound sometime.

MTS said...

Engenius!! Will you do a post explaining how you set it up? Would love to do this sometime.

Stephanie Marsh said...

Will do!