Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is my red phase really over?

I am sore and sunburnt from putting on a garage sale yesterday. It was definitely worth it as we made some money for tons of stuff we weren't using (I brought a lot more into this marriage than just emotional baggage, but worldly baggage too).

A lot of the house things I threw in the sale were included as it no longer went with the decor of our home. This really means that I'm no longer decorating with red, which was my obsession for a while and in my house in Austin. My first hubby and I even painted two adjacent 11' walls red in our formal living space we liked it so much, which you can sort of get the idea of from this Christmas tree photo (sorry no other pictures on hand of this space at the moment).

Well since then my taste shifted a bit with this new house and in our living space I went with plum and green. You may recall the inspiration:

I'm still very much loving my choice, which I had better since we just ordered a chair in a coordinating purple stripe! I've noticed my overall color palette shift from warm oranges and reds to greens and blues ( and apparently purples too). With a new found love of these colors I did not expect that to be paired with red, but I have found the perfect color marriage in this Jennifer Woodburn painting that I'm absolutely drooling over:

Along with the new color palette I've discovered my love for birch trees. There's something about the crisp, white bark and the knots paired with their silvery leaves that is mesmerizing. Anywho, this painting, named Birch Playground, is my new favorite and I'm in love. It's an original, locally created piece of art, which makes it even more appealing. With a price tag of $750 it would take some saving to make it mine, but for now I get to see it in the shop when I work and swoon.

If it were to ever become mine I already have plans for it. It would live in the family room downstairs with our big grey leather sectional and have several pillows that coordinate with it, including two in different sizes with this fabric:

It's tough to tell, but in person this fabric has medium grey hexagonal shapes. The red is nice and soft in person, not harsh or fire engine-esk. You can now tell how my red phase might not be just a phase after all, but a long-term decorating staple instead.

Picture it all in this room:

This photo is several months old and since it was taken the painting on the floor to left has been hung on the wall you are facing, but I'm thinking of putting that up in the dining area instead. Once I get photos of our new rugs you'll see why. Plus, I don't think it works all that well with grey as it reads more black and brown. I feel like I'm trying to make a round peg fit in a square hole with this motif. Oh how Michael will love to hear that I'm thinking of changing the decor downstairs..ha!

So that's my random decor contemplation post!

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Anonymous said...

Love Birch Playground! Good taste and goodluck saving! Keep posting more pics I'm loving all the progress you've been making. Congrats on a successful garage sale. Love, Chrisi